Benchmarking: Municipal and Cooperative Utility

Municipal and Cooperative Utility Benchmarking Association

The Municipal and Cooperative Utility Benchmarking Association (MACUBA™) is an association of electric utility companies that conducts benchmarking studies to identify the practices that improves the overall operations of the members involved.

To identify "Best in Class" Municipal and Cooperative Utility processes, which, when implemented, will lead member companies to exceptional performance as perceived by their customers.

The Benchmarking Network Member List - F

IMPORTANT: Please do not contact The Benchmarking Network for any member names, as we are unable to divulge this confidential information.

Fairmont Supply Company
Fairview Hospital
Family Crest Real Estate
Family Health Centers
Farmers Insurance Company of Flemington
Farrell's Electronics
Fast Vision Internet Solutions
Faurecia Interior Systems
Fayette County Memorial Hospital
Fayetteville Public Utilities
Federal Express
Federal Home Loan Bank of San Francisco
Federal Prison Industries, Inc.
Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond
Ferris Baker Watts
Fidelity Investments
Fieldstone Mortgage Company
Fifth Third Bank
Figtree Smash Repairs
Finberg Capital Management
Finland Trade Center
Fire Mountain Gems
Firestone Building Products
Firmenich, Inc.
First American Payment Systems
First Choice Resources
First Data Corporation
First Data Merchant Services
First Energy Corporation
First Financial Bank
First Franklin Financial
First Merit Bank
First National Bank of South Africa
First Technology
First Tennessee Bank
Firstaff Health Care Services Inc.
FirstBank Data Corporation
Fiscal Services Limited
Fischer & Company
Fischer Imaging Corporation
Fisher Clinical Services Inc.
Fiskars Brands, Inc.
Flexi-Mat Corporation
Flexible Communication Company (Flexicom)
Flextronics International
Flinders Medical Centre
Flint Energy Services
Flip Productions Ltd
Florida Power & Light
Florida Rock Industries, Inc.
Flowers Hospital
Fluor, Inc.
Foley's Department Stores
Foot Levelers, Inc.
Football Academy Belgrade
Foote Heath Systems
Footwear Distributors & Retailers of America
Ford Motor Company
Forefront Engineered Solutions
Forehtought Financial Services
Foreign Affairs Canada
Forethought Financial Services
Foreword Financial
Fort Knox National Company
Fort Wayne Radiology
Forward Dynamics
Foster Plastics Industries
Foundation for Revenue Enhancement
Foundation Surgery Affiliates
Four Seas Co Ltd
Fox World Travel
Foxwoods Resort & Casino
FPL - Florida Power and Light
Friedrich Air Conditioning
Frist Allied
Fry Reglet Corp.
FTS Business Services
Fujitsu Computer Systems
Fulton Industries
FVG International