10 best Nintendo Switch games of 2021, ranked according to Metacritic


It’s hard to believe that the Nintendo Switch is almost five years old already. Looks like gamers yesterday struggled to find Switch consoles, immersed in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and eagerly anticipating an announcement on the next entry in the Super Smash Bros. series. Years later, the Switch has built up an extraordinary library with no signs of slowing down.

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The Switch was missing some of its heaviest hitters in 2021. There has been no follow-up from Super Mario Odyssey announced, and Breath of the wild fans were disappointed to learn that the game’s sequel release wouldn’t be in 2021. Despite this, the Switch has seen sequels to the game. Metroid, Mario golf, and the Shin megami tensei series, with Metroid Dread’s the announcement and subsequent release being one of the biggest surprises of 2021. Of all the great Switch titles of 2021, which were the top rated?

Note: This list only takes into account games with a metacritical rating

ten No objection, the Great Ace Attorney reviews were fantastic (87 metacritic score)

Ryunosuke Naruhodo Items

Few expected a series about the legal profession to take off, let alone survive for more than 20 years. However, the As Lawyer The show’s expressive characters, clever writing, and bizarre murder mysteries continue to hook gamers. The last version, The Chronicles of the Grand As prosecutor, brings together two Nintendo 3DS versions that were previously exclusive to Japan – The Great Ace Attorney: Adventures and The Great Ace Attorney 2: Solve. These games center on Ryunosuke Naruhodo, an ancestor of Phoenix Wright, as he unexpectedly solves cases in London, England. Ryunosuke quickly discovers that trials in England work much differently than in Japan, as he now has a jury to convince.

Currently the only As Lawyer game to locate is Ace Lawyer Investigations 2, which once again puts the players in the shoes of Miles Edgeworth. Other games that received a metacritic score of 87 include Quake remastered, Unpacking, and There is no play: wrong dimension.

9 Metroid Dread was the game Metroid fans wanted, but didn’t expect to see (metacritic score of 88)

Samus progressing through a level while getting shot

Metroid fans were equally shocked and delighted when Nintendo announced the long sleep Terror Metroid was not just in the works, but coming out months later. Terror Metroid is the first original 2D Metroid since Metroid Fusion in 2002 and is the fifth entry in the main side scroll Metroid series. For many fans, that’s more than enough to hold them back while Metroid Prime 4 continues its cloudy and delayed development.

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Terror Metroid has been widely praised for its exploratory environments faithful to the series and to the Metroidvania name. The game has also been praised for its fights and boss fights.

8 When Switch players wanted a new Monster Hunter, Monster Hunter Rise popped up on occasion (metacritic score of 88)

Somnacanth from Monster Hunter Rise

While Monster hunter world took the video game world by storm in 2018, Switch Monster hunter the fans were left out. The Switch saw a 3DS remaster Generations of monster hunters that year, but it wasn’t quite original Monster hunter. Switch players finally had their wish with Monster hunter rise, which mixes classic elements of the old Monster hunter formula with some of the more recent elements seen in Monster hunter world.

Monster hunter rise was praised for its impressive visuals (using the RE engine) and maintaining the addictive nature of the series. Most of the reviews were about load times and inconsistent frame rates.

seven Overcooked! All you can eat has its cake and ate it too (metacritic score of 88)

Two chefs cooking their respective meals

Overcooked! All you can eat is a kitchen simulation buffet made up of the two originals Overcooked! Games – Overcooked! and Overcooked! 2. This compilation includes all the levels and DLC of the two original versions as well as the full multiplayer functionality for a fun co-op experience.

All you can eat Also includes new levels and quality of life changes, including ones that can help struggling players, making it the definitive choice Overcooked! experience. However, those who have played both of these titles before and were expecting more might be disappointed with the limited new additions.

6 Nintendo gamers finally get the chance to play Fez (metacritic score of 88)

Gomez crossing a level

At one point, Fez was among the first games mentioned when offering examples of indie play. The puzzle-platform was well received when it was first released in 2012 for the Xbox 360. The game was also featured extensively in the award-winning game. Indie game: the movie documentary on the difficulties of developing independent games alongside Braid and Super Meat Boy.

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Fez will be released on PC in 2013, on PlayStation systems in 2014 and on iOS in 2017 before finally arriving at Nintendo in 2021. The Switch version retains all of the puzzle quality of the game that was just as enjoyable in 2021 as it was. . in 2012.

5 Death’s Door is a game loaded with heart and soul (89 metacritic score)

Raven Intrusion

Devolver Digital has grown into one of the biggest names in gaming, releasing a long line of fantastic indie titles ranging from Hotline Miami at The Talos principle to, more recently, Fall guys: ultimate knockout. Their biggest success in 2021 was the Acid Nerve developed The door of death. The door of death is a humorous title centered on a crow whose job is to harvest the souls of the monsters. After learning of the existence of a plot surrounding the missing crows, the player must open the Door of Death by collecting “Giant Souls”.

The door of death has made many comparisons with THE Legend of Zelda games and has been praised for its challenging gameplay without being overwhelming.

4 DUSK honors many of the early gems of first-person shooter (metacritic score of 89)

Meet an enemy

DUSK serves as a love letter for first-person shooters of the late 1980s and 1990s, especially LOSS, which is one of the biggest inspirations in the game. Originally released on DOOM 25th anniversary in 2018 for PC, DUSK made its way to the Switch in 2021. DUSK brought with it bloody, high-octane battles, pitting players against a wide range of enemies ranging from cultists to possessed scarecrows.

DUSK has been widely praised for its ability to strike all the right notes in keeping with the era that influenced it while offering some of the best level designs in the genre.

3 Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury Is The Cat’s Meow (89 metacritic score)

Super Mario 3D World and Fury Giga Cat from Bowser Mario and Fury Bowser

World of Super Mario 3D is yet another Wii U classic to make the jump to Switch, joining the likes of New Super Mario Bros. U, Mario kart 8, Pikmin 3, and Bayonet 2. Like many of these Wii U ports, World of Super Mario 3D comes with new bells and whistles. World of Super Mario 3D comes with a brand new game titled Bowser’s Fury, which puts Mario face to face with a giant Kaiju-like Fury Bowser.

Bowser’s Fury takes place entirely in an open world, which continues a recent trend within the series (and many others) to open things up and give players more freedom.

2 Tetris Effect Connected continues to teach old dog new tricks (metacritic score of 95)

Two players playing Tetris at the same time

Tetris continues to live alongside death and taxes as one of the few guarantees of life. Almost 40 years later, the addicting puzzle game is still releasing new versions of the formula. In 2018, Tetris effect proved that there is even more to do with the block-matching game when it first released for PlayStation 4. Along with spellbinding new themes and catchy tunes, Tetris effect also included support for virtual reality.

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Connected Tetris effect is an extended version of Tetris effect which had multiplayer features, both cooperative and competitive, to the mix. The Switch version also has the built-in benefit of being able to enjoy the experience on the go, making gaming a staple on Switch.

1 The House In Fata Morgana is yet another great visual novel for the Switch (96 metacritic score)

Maria campanella

Visual novels and portable systems go hand in hand better than most gaming partnerships. The genre had a strong performance on previous Nintendo handhelds as well as on the PlayStation Vita. It would certainly make sense for the top-rated Switch game of 2021, according to Metacritic, to be a visual novel that had previously spent time on these systems, which was the case for The house in Fata Morgana: Dreams of the RevENTS Edition.

The house in Fata Morgana tells the dark tale of an amnesic spirit who, with the help of a maid, explores the history of their mansion residence through different time periods in the hope of retrieving the spirit’s lost memories. the Dreams of ghosts The version features enhanced artwork and visuals to better suit higher resolution consoles and TVs.

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