Chhattisgarh cabinet approves amendment to DMF rules


The Chhattisgarh Cabinet on Thursday approved a proposal to amend the Chhattisgarh District Mineral Foundation Rules, 2015 to remove spending limits for infrastructure works funded by the amount received in DMF Trust.

A certain percentage of the money received in the DMF Trust, which is intended for the development of areas affected by mining, is earmarked for the expenditure of infrastructure works.

After the amendment, the cap on the amount will be removed, an official said after the cabinet meeting chaired by Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel. Currently, 20% of the amount available in other DMF priority funds can be spent in the general area and 40% in the notified area.

The decision will speed up infrastructure development work, leading to accelerated socio-economic development, the official added.

During the Council of Ministers held at the CM’s official residence, several other decisions, including amendments to the new fisheries policy, were taken.

There will be no auction of ponds/reservoirs for fish farming, but they will be leased for 10 years, the official said. Groups of fishermen belonging to the Dhimar, Nishad, Kenvat, Kahar, Kahra and Mallah communities and fishing cooperative societies will be given priority in the allocation process in the general area. In the notified area of ​​Scheduled Tribes, priority will be given to fishing groups belonging to the ST community and the fishing cooperative society, the cabinet decided.

The cabinet also approved a proposal to increase the limit of the Chief Minister’s Voluntary Grant from Rs 70 crore to Rs 110 crore per annum, the official said.

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