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A consortium led by the Center for Advanced Vehicular Systems-Extension at Mississippi State University is working with community colleges and area health systems to expand health training and opportunities.

Supported by an $800,000 grant from the U.S. Rural Business-Cooperative Service Department of Agriculture as part of its Delta Healthcare Services Grant Program, CAVS-Extension launched the Delta BroadReach Healthcare Project in 2020 in coordination with Copiah-Lincoln Community College, Hinds Community College, North Central Planning and Development District and area health care providers. In less than two years, the project resulted in the training of 191 health workers, process improvements in 60 hospitals and clinics, 186 patients served with telehealth services, and 100 family members/caregivers of patients trained in the services. of telehealth.

As part of the grant, Copiah-Lincoln Community College purchased telehealth equipment and partnered with the Franklin County Memorial Hospital Clinic to train healthcare professionals and patients in the use of the devices. Currently, Co-Lin is completing a video project with FCMH that will provide a “how to” reminder video to accompany equipment used by patients in the telehealth portion of the grant program. In addition, this material will serve as a training tool for participating health workers.

Rhonda Terrell, Clinic Director at Franklin County Memorial Hospital, enumerates the benefits her institution has received from the program: “This grant has been very beneficial to our practice, our community, and especially our patients. This allowed us to monitor patient health issues in the patient’s home, where they are most comfortable. We had a chronic care management process in place, but thanks to grants, we were able to improve the services we provided to our most vulnerable patients. We have been fortunate to build valuable relationships with our grantmaking partners.

The project builds on CAVS-E’s “Lean Hospitals” program that helps healthcare providers improve the quality of patient care by reducing inefficiencies, errors and wait times and improving processes healthcare and operational. To date, CAVS-Extension has administered the training to more than 600 healthcare workers in Mississippi.

“I am extremely proud of the impact this grant has had on the healthcare community, from EMT training to telehealth and process improvement in medical facilities,” said John Moore, Principal Investigator of CAVS- Extension for Healthcare Lean Certificate Grant and Instructor. “None of this would be possible without a strong network of partners to help achieve the project’s goals, and I want to thank everyone involved who helped make a positive impact on health care in Mississippi.”

As the partners enter the final months of the grant, Co-Lin and FCMH aim to meet the service goals of the grant.

“As a healthcare professional with rural experience, I can fully appreciate the benefits of this grant to patients, staff and the facility,” said Robin Mitchell, Workforce Coordinator/Trainer. of Co-Lin Community College. “This technology allows patients to routinely check vital signs and securely upload data to a medical record without leaving home. We look forward to educating over 150 family members/caregivers of patients, equipping and serving 300 patients, and training over 50 health care workers at rural Franklin County health care sites prior to the end of the grant period.


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