Farmer-owned MMPA to Acquire Innovative Superior Dairy Processor


NOVI, Michigan — The Michigan Milk Producers Association (MMPA), based in Novi, Michigan, today announced the acquisition of Superior Dairy in Canton, Ohio, a subsidiary of LEL Operating Company.

Pursuant to the acquisition, all subsidiaries of LEL Operating Company, Superior Dairy, Inc., Creative Edge Design Group, Ltd. and LEL Logistics, Inc., will become wholly-owned subsidiaries of MMPA effective December 31, 2021. Ultimately, the new organization will launch a multi-state dairy manufacturing and innovation campus with four facilities in Michigan , Ohio and Indiana, will employ a team of more than 625 people and serve dairy farmers in the Great Lakes region.

Building on the strong partnership developed between the two organizations over the years, the acquisition will bring more innovation, product diversity and efficiency to the market. With Superior Dairy under its umbrella, the MMPA will be able to focus more on marketing strategies faster than operating individually to meet the needs of customers and consumers while continuing to support farmers, employees and others. stakeholders.

“MMPA’s relationship with Superior Dairy has accelerated over the past six years and we have mutually benefited from our partnership. Bringing Superior Dairy into the MMPA family will allow us to better leverage their rich experience in product development to bring value-added processing capability to our dairy farmer members, ”said Joe Diglio, President and CEO of MMPA.

“Our partnership with the MMPA and the exceptional quality milk of its members is integral to our growth. By leveraging our combined manufacturing assets, we will continue our trajectory and the opportunities this collaboration offers, ”said Greg Soehnlen, President and CEO of Superior Dairy, Inc. and LEL Operating Company.

“The acquisition of Superior Dairy demonstrates the extent to which MMPA member dairy farmers are committed to investing in innovation and technology for their future. This decision ensures a reliable outlet for our farmers’ milk while securing their future in the dairy community, ”said Doug Chapin, Chairman of the MMPA Board of Directors and dairy farmer.

Both organizations have a long and proud history of providing quality milk and dairy products to consumers and are strategically aligned with their vision for the future. MMPA is a 106-year-old dairy cooperative, while Superior Dairy was founded in 1922 and will soon be celebrating 100e birthday. To generate long-term success for both organizations, the agreement provides for the reallocation and reuse of each organization’s current manufacturing resources and facilities to better meet the needs of MMPA and Superior Dairy in a more collaborative manner.


About the Michigan Dairy Farmers Association

MMPA is a dairy farmer-owned cooperative founded in 1916. MMPA serves dairy farmers in Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, and Wisconsin, processing approximately 5 billion pounds of milk per year. MMPA operates two SQF level 3 certified manufacturing plants in Michigan and a cheese factory in Indiana. Products made at MMPA’s factories include cheese, ultra-filtered milk, butter, powdered milk, cream, and condensed skim milk.

About LEL Operating Company / Superior Dairy

LEL Operating Company, Inc. is the parent company of the following three subsidiaries: Superior Dairy, Inc., Creative Edge Design Group, Ltd. and LEL Logistics, Inc. Founded in 1922, Superior Dairy is best known for providing high quality fluids. dairy products, cottage cheese, sour cream, ice cream and chip dip. From Superior Dairy’s private labels to many of our customers, millions of consumers enjoy our consistent and flavorful products, without necessarily knowing the Superior name. Creative Edge Design Group is the strategic think tank, research and development arm of LEL Operating Company.


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