HC asks the telecommunications cooperative not to take care of its funds or its land in Vellanur


Madras High Court barred the Inspector General of Registration, District Registrar (Chennai – South) and Avadi Deputy Registrar from registering any type of document or deed relating to approximately 88 acres of land. purchased in Vellanur village in Tiruvallur district to provide building land. to members of the Government Telecommunication Employees Cooperative Society Limited.

Judge B. Pugalendhi also prohibited the company and its board of directors from managing the funds of the company or alienating its properties by sale, mortgage, etc. Interim injunctions were granted until March 10 following a motion for a brief filed by a member of the company alleging large-scale mismanagement of the company and attempts to sell its properties.

The judge pointed out that summons plaintiff N. Babu held the post of sub-divisional engineer at Chennai Telephones and was also a member of the cooperative society. According to the litigant, the company purchased 95.55 acres from Vellanur in 2004-05 for a total consideration of 15.97 crore. The objective was to provide housing sites for all members of the cooperative society.

Of the total land expanse, about seven acres were acquired by the highways department and the company ended up with 88.55 acres. In 2017, the board of directors, without the consent of the general body, sold 14.58 acres of land to a private company OTCO International Limited of Bengaluru and this company, in turn, had sold part of the land to Jesus Ministries of Chennai. for 25 crore, alleged the petitioner.

Claiming that the board of trustees planned to sell the remaining land as well, the petitioner urged the court to form a committee headed by a retired High Court judge, and comprising eminent and honest people as members, to investigate the functioning, finances and other activities of the cooperative society since 2010.


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