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Under the theme of Driving Change, President Tim Rabon, who is also a director of the Otero County Electric Cooperative in Cloudcroft, NM, emphasized to the more than 450 members and guests in attendance at the 70th Annual Meeting that 2021 will prove to be one of the most pivotal years in the history of the three states.

Treasurer Stuart Morgan, who is also director of the Wheat Belt Public Power District in Sidney, Neb., noted that the Uri winter storm in February 2021 did not result in higher wholesale rates for Tri-members. State, while other electric utilities experienced lower rates of impacts from the storm.

Advancing goals set in January 2020 with the announcement of its responsible energy plan, Tri-State added 304 megawatts of wind resources in 2021 with the completion of the Niyol Wind Energy Center near Fleming and Wind Farm Crossing Trails near Seibert.

Tri-State will add an additional 735 megawatts of solar power to Colorado and New Mexico in 2023 and 2024.

Members of the Executive Committee re-elected

Following the annual meeting, the Executive Committee of the Tri-State Board of Directors was formed, comprising six officers and three general positions.

Rabon, who has served on the Tri-State board since 2014, was re-elected chairman.

Don Keairns, representing the San Isabel Electric Association (Pueblo West, Colorado), was re-elected vice-president.

Julie Kilty, who has represented Wyrulec Company (Torrington, Wyo.) on the tri-state board since 2012, was re-elected secretary.

Morgan, who has represented the Wheat Belt Public Power District on the tri-state board since 2007, was re-elected treasurer, a position he first held in 2012.

Matt Brown, who represents High Plains Power (Riverton, Wyo.) on the tri-state board since 2010, was re-elected assistant secretary.

Scott Wolfe, representing San Luis Valley REC (Monte Vista) was re-elected assistant secretary; Wolfe joined Tri-State’s board of directors in 2008.

The three general positions on the executive committee were held by incumbents Wayne Connell representing the Central New Mexico Electric Cooperative (Mountainair, NM), Shawn Turner, representing the Midwest Electric Cooperative (Grant, Neb.), and Thaine Michie representing the Poudre Valley Rural Electric Association (Fort Collins).


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