India News | Rajasthan leads the country in workers’ budget allocation under MGNREGA: Gehlot


Jaipur, May 7 (PTI) Rajasthan leads the country in budget allocation for workers under MGNREGA scheme and even payment rate for them has been increasing here rapidly, Chief Minister said on Saturday Ashok Gehlot.

He claimed that the state also ranks first in the country for the number of families completing 100 days of work and the creation of man-days under Mahatma Gandhi’s national employment guarantee scheme.

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Chairing a review meeting of the Department of Rural Development at his residence, he also said that Rajasthan also ranks first in the national mobile surveillance system of the MGNREGA programme.

In another meeting with officials from the Department of Co-operatives, the Chief Minister appealed to the people of the state not to fall into the temptation of multi-state co-operative credit societies and asked the officials to inform the Center for complaints received against them.

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At the Rural Development Department meeting, Gehlot said that families who complete 100 days at MGNREGA are given an additional 25 days employment by the state government.

At the same time, orders were also issued to give 100 additional days of employment to Sahariya, Khairua, Kathori and people with disabilities, he said.

Amid the scorching summer heat, provision has been made for MGNREGA workers for drinking water, shade, nursery, medical kit, soap and sanitizer in addition to other facilities on work place.

Gehlot said empowering women is her government’s priority.

“An action plan has been prepared for the formation of 50,000 self-help groups in the state, which will benefit 5.50 lakh rural women. Financial assistance will be provided to these self-help groups through the Fund revolving and Community Investment Fund and Rs 600 crore will be arranged for them in the form of bank loans,” he added.

He said the first branch of Mahila Co-Operative Bank would soon be opened in Jaipur.

During the meeting with Cooperative Department officials, Gehlot said the state government had received 94,164 complaints against various multistate cooperative credit societies.

“Of this number, there are about 31,000 complaints about the Sanjeevani Credit Co-operative Society scam and more than 41,000 complaints against Adarsh ​​??Credit Co-operative Society in which people had invested millions of rupees,” he said in questioning the Department. to send the Center a detailed report on scams involving the Multistate Credit Unions.

While calling on people to beware of these companies, he also asked officials to ensure regular inspection of the accounts of these credit union companies working in the state.

He also asked officials to prepare a report on strengthening the banking system with multi-state corporations.

He also urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to immediately ban such companies under the jurisdiction of the Center to protect the common man from the scams and irregularities of the Multi-State Cooperative Credit Societies.

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