Iran and Indonesia to expand cooperation in halal industries


TEHRAN – In a meeting on Tuesday, representatives of the Standards and Industrial Research Institute of Iran (ISIRI) and the National Standards Agency of Indonesia (BSN) discussed expanding the cooperation between the two countries in halal industries, IRNA reported.

In the presence of the head of ISIRI, Mehdi Eslam-Panah, and Ebrahim Ebrahimi, director general of the Office of International and Legal Affairs of ISIRI, the meeting was held on the sidelines of the 17th General Assembly of the Institute for Standardization and Metrology for Islamic Countries (SMIIC) in Istanbul.

At this meeting, the two sides agreed to collaborate for the formation and development of standardization and mutual adaptability, as well as the exchange of the priorities of the two countries for the granting of halal licenses.

The Institute for Standardization and Metrology for Islamic Countries, as an institute developing the necessary mechanisms for the countries of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), aims to establish new standards in the member states and eliminate technical barriers to trade, thereby increasing trade between them.

The institute also aims to establish conformity assessment systems with the aim of accelerating the exchange of materials, manufactures and products between member states starting with the mutual recognition of certificates.

SMIIC also seeks to standardize metrology, laboratory testing and standardization activities among member states, provide education and training and provide technical assistance to OIC members in the field of standardization and metrology. Thus, the Institute can cooperate with other regional and international organizations partially or totally interested in standardization, metrology or related fields.



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