It Takes Two’s Co-Op proves that not all games need a movie


An It Takes Two movie can’t emulate what makes the game special. Its distinct cooperative gameplay clashes with the move to a purely visual experience.

The surprise success of Hazelight Studios, It takes two is now in production at Amazon, the latest in the growing trend of video game movie adaptations. However, this development for It takes two, more than any other game, raises the question of whether the transition to a major movie is worth it, because the game relies so heavily on co-op. Video games getting more spotlight is in many ways positive, but for a game so closely tied to its medium, translation into film could rob the experience of its wonder.

Game of the Year 2021, It takes two is a rare phenomenon in games. It’s a fully co-op title that has far exceeded the limits typically seen by its counterparts. Most modern cooperative games avoid the use of split-screen and allow one player to take on more work than the other to progress, but in It takes two, players assume the role of May or Cody, and while each performs unique functions, both share an equal burden. None of the game’s tasks can be completed solo, and the split-screen presentation both encourages couch co-op and reminds players of their partner’s point of view. Both players control the protagonists and must work together as they navigate cartoon settings to mend their broken marriage, reclaim their bodies, and save their relationship with their daughter.


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While It takes two The concept is intriguing enough to consider making it into a movie, but what makes it a masterpiece is how it immerses its players in the roles of its characters. It takes two The cooperative gameplay, coupled with its realistic portrayal of the arguing couple, allows players to experience all of the emotions May and Cody feel towards each other throughout their journey. At the start of the game, players are forced to collaborate while groping and learning mechanics together, completing death-after-death demanding platforming sections, solving puzzles through trial and error, and experiencing all the frustration and vindictiveness of the bickering protagonists. However, as players progress, they begin to succeed, the more they communicate and trust each other. By the end of the game, May and Cody rediscover their love and respect for each other, and players feel an overwhelming sense of camaraderie and collective triumph.

It takes two movies will ruin what makes the game special

Cody wearing winter clothes and watching May as it snows in It Takes Two.

The effect It takes two cooperative realizes simply couldn’t be replicated by a movie. Viewers may sympathize with May and Cody as they defeat Moon Baboon, who claims to be in a better position to protect their daughter than they do, but they’ll never know the satisfaction that comes from landing that last laser on him with their co-pilot seated next to them. . Even much of the game’s humor would be lost in a film version, as the game’s funniest moments result from mistakes made by players, such as accidentally letting their partner get ripped to pieces by a fan (or the on purpose). Unique interactions like these are an integral part of It takes two overall experience, and while movies have their own distinct methods of appealing to audiences, they cannot offer the same functions as a game like this.

Titles like It takes two are a reminder of the potential of video games and the fact that no two mediums are the same. It is reassuring to note that Pat Casey and Josh Miller, the authors of the success sonic the hedgehog film series, will adapt the film. However, a title with such remarkable and interactive gameplay as It takes two becoming a spectator-only experience causes a sense of unease. While the game becoming more mainstream is a huge opportunity for Hazelight, we hope the movie’s revenue will allow even more people to play and enjoy the magic of the original. It takes two.

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