Korea Pharma, G2GBIO and Humedix Sign Agreement for Donepezil Injection Treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease


Korea Pharma announced on Wednesday that it has signed a joint development contract with G2GBIO and Humedix to develop a month-long, long-acting injection treatment for Alzheimer’s dementia called GB-5001.

From left, CEO Kim Jin-hwan of Humedix, CEO Lee Hee-yong of G2GBIO and CEO Park Eun-hee of Korea Pharma show the signed contract for joint development of donepezil injection treatment for Alzheimer’s disease.

Under the agreement, the three companies will jointly develop a new, improved injectable drug for the treatment of Alzheimer’s dementia to replace the existing oral drug donepezil, a Korea Pharma official said.

Donepezil is the most commonly prescribed ingredient in treatments for Alzheimer’s dementia. However, patients with dementia often find it difficult to swallow the drug or take it on time due to reduced memory.

Thus, the cooperative forces of these companies will be combined to maintain a constant drug effect for one month to increase drug compliance while improving the convenience of patient administration, the official said.

Through this joint development, G2GBIO will apply its innovative Long-Acting Microparticle Platform (InnoLAMP) technology to develop and produce the formulation of donepezil injections that last for one month in the body. Meanwhile, Korea Pharma and Humedix will be responsible for conducting clinical trials, article licensing and sales.

In addition, Korea Pharma and Humedix will pay a certain percentage of royalties and hold domestic copyrights when commercializing technology and products based on G2GBIO’s product realization.

The domestic market for donepezil-based dementia treatments for Alzheimer’s disease was about 260 billion won ($199 million) last year, accounting for 80% of the total dementia treatment market. dementia.


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