Letter: Support for Itzen, Loshbaugh and Radabaugh | Opinion


I retired from Coos-Curry Electric Cooperative in February 2021, having served as Controller for five years and Chief Financial Officer for 10 years. I have worked with the CCEC Board of Directors in both of these roles. During my last two years at the CCEC, I participated in the feasibility studies of the broadband project and the development of the financial model of the project.

An internal feasibility study and two third-party feasibility studies were carried out as part of the due diligence process. In my view, if Beacon Broadband’s financial and operational performance remains on track with annual budgets and long-term financial forecasts serving as a roadmap for success, the project should be on track to serve with CCEC members’ success with broadband. service.

CCEC’s efforts to provide broadband service to its members are not unique to the rural electric co-op sector. In the United States, many rural electric cooperatives have succeeded in bringing broadband service to their members, just as rural electric cooperatives brought electric service to rural America in the mid-1900s.

During my career at CCEC, in my opinion, the Board has worked diligently to ensure the financial integrity of the organization, made decisions in the best interests of the members, and been transparent with the members.

I support Dave Itzen, Dan Loshbaugh and Pete Radabaugh. I worked with these gentlemen during their service as the CCEC Board of Directors. In my opinion, they have had a good track record as CCEC’s Board of Directors.


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