LG inaugurates the 68th week of cooperatives


He also pointed out that Mission Youth in J&K is working as a cooperative entrepreneurship organization and demonstrating how doing business with a cooperative spirit can show the way to meet modern challenges.

“The cooperative movement is not just about businesses or credit loans. It’s our way of life. Each person must work together for the same goal – a prosperous, peaceful UT and Atam-Nirbhar Jammu Kashmir UT. We must work together to protect and promote the social and economic rights of every individual, ”he added.

The Lieutenant Governor urged all stakeholders to take the necessary steps through cooperative institutions to make all UT panchayats prosperous and create village infrastructure so that by drawing inspiration from the past, a prosperous future can be built. .

“I believe that cooperatives are the most credible means of socio-economic development of farmers, rural population, workers in the unorganized sector, women, and we must assess its creative and transformative potential in various fields, to answer to the needs of rural people and others. areas. As a result, institutions must be developed and wherever old institutions are inactive, efforts will have to be made to revive them, ”he added.

Calling Panchayats and Cooperatives two sides of the same coin, the Lieutenant Governor said: “If Panchayat represents grassroots democracy and the administrative system, then cooperatives strengthen their autonomy, skills and autonomy in at least 20 sectors of the rural system. such as cottage industries, agriculture and related activities by raising its economic side. “At the same time, it protects the interests of disadvantaged sections,” he added.

Sinha gave examples of IFFCO, which supplies liquid urea to farmers in Jammu and Kashmir; Amul, World Famous Milk Producers Cooperative and Krishak Bharti Co-Operative Limited (KRIBHCO) as successful cooperatives which have been ranked among the top 10 cooperative institutions around the world.


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