More rural farmers are turning to mechanized farming – FBC News


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More and more rural agricultural clusters are moving faster towards mechanized agriculture.

On handing over a tractor to the Dawasamu Vegetable Cooperative in Dawasamu Tailevu, Agriculture Minister Dr. Mahendra Reddy said it established a platform for their future generation to succeed in agriculture.

Dr Reddy says farming is the only source of income for the village and it will help them to grow in farming.

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“We are very proud that you all have a vision now to develop agriculture. You have seen how the agricultural sector will benefit you. You have the resources and today you have an incredible investment, it is not an expense, it is a capital investment and any capital investment will generate positive returns.

According to Dr Reddy, for a rural community to collect a third of the cost of the tractor and implements in a short period of time was indicative of its commitment to improving its agricultural production.

The department invested $7,000.00 through the one-third-two-thirds program to ensure the purchase of a tractor and implements for the co-op.


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