South Park Game is currently in development; Can be a multiplayer title


A new South Park game has been confirmed in development thanks to a job listing from developer Question Games. This new project could be a multiplayer affair which will be a drastically different take on South Park’s last two games which were single-player RPGs.

You might be familiar with Question Games from the cooperative horror game they developed and called The Blackout Club. This team based in both California and Virginia is made up of former AAA developers whose former team credits include: Thief: Deadly Shadows, BioShock, BioShock 2, BioShock Infinite, and Dishonored.

A new 3D South Park game is reportedly in development

If you’re worried that they may be strangers in South Park, you might be happy to hear that there are some of the staff currently working at Question Games who have been involved in the other South Park RPG titles as well. The Rod of Truth and the fractured but whole. So while they might be a new team, they still have some groundwork with the previous titles.

The job listing that Question Games has made available calls for applicants with prior multiplayer experience. The company and South Park Digital Studios are looking for a lead designer to work on a new Unreal Engine video game set in the world of the long-running South Park series.

Job offer note that multiplayer level design work prior to a leadership position or senior equivalent is required. For this reason, the team may be looking to add a multiplayer element to South Park’s latest game. Maybe this new title will focus on co-op rather than a slow tactical RPG.

Of course, no release date for this game has been announced yet. We also don’t know any other details regarding this upcoming game. However, we’ll continue to update this story as more information about this upcoming title becomes available.


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