Suspected professional misconduct in the primary agricultural cooperative society



Tamil Nadu Vivasayigal Sangam, affiliated with the Communist Party of India (Marxist), Thanjavur district, alleged that the benefits of waiving harvest loans had not passed to members of the Rettaivayal Primary Agricultural Cooperative Society (PACS) in Peravurani taluk.

In a memorandum submitted to the collector, Dinesh Ponraj Oliver, on Friday, the Thanjavur district secretary of the NV Kannan association said that more than 200 farmers of this company have been identified as beneficiaries of the announced agricultural loan exemption program. in 2016 and 27 farmers. again in 2020.

However, the benefits were not transferred to them and the loan forgiveness amount totaling more than 1 crore had been usurped by the directors of the company, he alleged.

Thus, Collector, to whose knowledge the matter had already been brought by a memorandum on October 13, should ensure that the beneficiaries of the harvest loan receive the benefits without fail and that measures are taken against the usurpers, has t -he adds.

In another memorandum, the association urged the district administration to come to the aid of a group of farmers who were on the verge of losing their rights to the land allocated to them in lieu of the land they had been given. they donated to Sengipatti in 1953 for the installation of the TB (tuberculosis) hospital.

Land with survey number 504 in Singipatti allocated to donors of land for the tuberculosis hospital which remained barren and uneven at the time of allocation has been plowed and converted to land suitable for cultivation by farmers over the years.

However, recently officials from the Department of Livestock inspected investigation number 504 claiming ownership of the land much to the dismay of the farmers who were allocated the land as an alternative site.

Officials two days ago set up a council claiming ownership of the land in survey number 504.

The association urged the collector to look into the matter and take steps for the issuance of patta to the affected farmers to prevent such incidents from happening again in the future.


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