Templeton Employees of the Year: Castle, Bennett, Parenteau, McAuliffe


TEMPLETON – Board Chair-designate Michael Currie and City Manager Adam Lamontagne presented the Fiscal Year 2021 Merit Awards to four employees at the recent fall town meeting.

The winners were chosen from those nominated by the general public and colleagues as those who have outdone themselves in the areas of communications, efficiency or the pinnacle of excellence. The city usually presents an award in each category, but this year, due to the pandemic, the city administrator made the decision to call it a tie in the communications category when two members of the TCTV team have nominated and both well deserved the award.

The Communication Award is given to those who demonstrate a commitment to public support and transparency in government, which includes improving and / or designing new ways of communicating information to the public. within the organization and to the general public. This year, the award went to Steve Castle, a 12-year city employee who has served as the manager of the Cable / TCTV station, for his commitment to facilitating excellent communication within Templeton Community Television. and the city through the successful functioning of the Zoom Council / Committee. meetings during the COVID-19 pandemic. He took meetings to a new level with his research, work and implementation of Meeting Owl. Comments from the appointments included: “Steve has a great attitude, is efficient, helpful and cooperative with great communication skills. “

The second Communication Prize went to Hannah Bennett, who started with the city almost a year ago, for her commitment to exemplary communication and quick learning skills within Templeton Community Television due of its work of broadcasting meetings and producing events with new technologies and testing them. on unknown systems during the pandemic. His support on various boards and committees – as well as his cooperative attitude – has not gone unnoticed. Comments from the nominations included, “Hannah is diligent and takes extra care to ensure that our community meetings and video productions are of the highest possible quality. She is an asset to our community.

The Efficacy Award is presented to someone who is committed to ensuring that the city operates competently and efficiently by ‘scaling up’, ‘stepping in’ and / or suggesting ideas that facilitate treatment and save time, materials and storage requirements. The award was presented to Paul McAuliffe, a 10-year-old municipal worker, for his creative thinking and positive attitude with the Department of Public Works, as well as for the respect he gives to his co-workers. Comments from colleagues included, “Paul is always ready to do whatever it takes to get the job done right” and “Paul is always a pleasant person who takes matters into his own hands – he is always ready to speak up and go out. off the beaten track. . “

The Pinnacle of Excellence Award is presented to someone who demonstrates a willingness to make extraordinary efforts in the continuous improvement of the organization, to help other members of staff or departments with new tasks or in progress, and is often the one who “stretches” to learn new computer programs, methodologies, or processes. This year, the award went to Rhonda Parenteau, a two-year municipal worker who serves as the Senior Administrative Assistant in the Development Services Department, for her hard work and positive attitude. Rhonda has managed her office within Development Services well at a time of historic growth in the city, while providing much needed help to residents and her co-workers. His assistance to COVID-19 vaccination clinics has not gone unnoticed. Comments from the nominees included “Rhonda takes efficiency and multitasking to a whole new level” and “Rhonda is a hard worker, dedicated, organized and positive. She is a role model and an asset to the city.

The Merit Awards were created in 2018 to publicly honor the finest examples of the many exemplary employees that the city is proud to have at its service. In addition to being publicly appointed, the employee is honored with a certificate of recognition and a one-time award of $ 250.


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