Trucks may not park on residential lots, driveways or vacant commercial properties, but they always do

Trucks parked at the old Stop-n-Shop on Western Avenue in February. (Photo: Gary Kopycinski)

Park Forest, Illinois – (ENEWSPF) – Passed February but still allegedly violated, Park Forest put an ordinance on the books prohibiting trucks over 8,000 pounds from parking on residential lots and driveways, or vacant commercial properties. The ordinance includes all tow trucks, dump trucks, agricultural, truck and highway tractors, buses and special mobile equipment. The only exception includes “tow trucks with businesses that have home occupancy registration and/or business license registration,” according to the order.

A co-op is facing fence repairs worth more than $1,900 that it says came from trucks that parked in the vacant commercial lot at the northeast corner of Western Avenue and 26th Street. Ash Street Cooperative members are still regularly reporting trucks backing into the co-op’s fence on the west side of its property facing Western Avenue, including this Sunday.

Truck against Ash Street fence on Sunday
Truck against the Ash Street fence on Sunday. (Photo: Antoinette Dabney-Wooten)

“We are disappointed to still have trucks parked against our fence,” said Antoinette Dabney-Wooten, president of Ash Street Cooperative. “Repairs are very expensive.

Another truck pulled up against the Ash Street Co-op fence, this one in March.
Another truck pulled up against the Ash Street Co-op fence, this one in March. (Photo: Brenda Hewitt)

Sunday was no exception, with another tractor-trailer, cab and all, parked at the site of the old Stop-n-Shop on Western Avenue against the fence owned and maintained by Ash Street Cooperative.

Lots like this are also used for illegal dumping.

In the original memo to Park Forest Village Council in February, former Chief Constable Chris Mannino requested the order, saying: “Approval is sought to amend Chapter 102, Section II of the Code Council of the Village of Park Forest to address the parking of second division and similar commercial vehicles on residential land and on the property of closed businesses. The parking of second division vehicles on residential lots is a visual nuisance and is perceived to have a negative impact on home values. Additionally, this change would bring existing neighborhoods into compliance with the Uniform Development Ordinance, which impacts new developments. Similarly, the parking of these vehicles on vacant commercial land is a visual nuisance perceived as having a negative impact on the property value of commercial areas and generally contributing to the appearance of a scourge. Currently, several vacant commercial property locations are used as warehouses for semi-tractors and often also trailers. »

The ordinance was passed on February 21, 2022. Anyone who sees trucks parked on vacant commercial properties is asked to call the non-emergency police number at 708-748-4700.


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