What Elden Ring’s Seamless Co-op Mod Means For The Future FromSoftware Games


A popular mod for Ring of Elden has completely overhauled its cooperative multiplayer systems, and its reception could affect the development of future games by FromSoftware. For over a decade, FromSoftware’s action RPGs have used the same rather obtuse multiplayer features, with slight differences as the studio’s signature formula evolved. Many Ring of Elden players found the vanilla co-op mechanics too restrictive and opted to download the Seamless Co-op mod in order to freely explore The Lands Between alongside a group of friends.

Like many aspects of Ring of Eldenits multiplayer gameplay has its origins in the 2009s Demon’s Souls. A game filled with convoluted systems like manipulative World Tendency, Demon’s Souls was the first experience of a multiplayer system that would become popular with dedicated fans as it was refined through dark souls and transmitted by blood. When connected to game servers, bloodstains, messages, and fleeting apparitions intrude on other players’ worlds. dark souls vaguely provided an in-universe explanation for the multiplayer mechanics, claiming that the white soapstone allowed the undead to become a ghost and manipulate Lordran’s warped time stream to aid others in battle.


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The limitations of these multiplayer systems worked in synergy with the more linear designs of these earlier games. Typically, if one was co-op summoned, the goal was to reach the end of the area and help the host player defeat the boss, with Souls (or Blood Echoes in transmitted by blood) and restored Humanity being the reward for success. Ring of EldenCo-op still helps players level up, but the barriers erected around a multiplayer session go against the game’s usual promotion of freedom of movement. Past reviews pressure On FromSoftware’s multiplayer brand are much more noticeable in Ring of Elden. For those on PC, the Seamless Co-op mod from LucYui on Nexus Mods can fix the issues, and the experience is so much improved that it may prompt FromSoftware to re-evaluate how it implements co-op in future titles.

Elden Ring co-op is worse than the past FromSoftware Games’

Elden Ring Coop Summoning Pools Signs Spirit Ashes

Although Ring of EldenThe multiplayer mechanics of are virtually identical to previous action RPGs from FromSoftware, the cooperative experience is much worse due to the game’s expansive design. Playing the whole game with friends can become a chore. Each time one of Ring of EldenThe many bosses are defeated, the multiplayer session ends, and the cooperators must be summoned again. Also, said boss is only defeated for the host, so if three friends play the game together, they will each have to beat three times. For games like dark souls and transmitted by bloodseparate progression for cooperators was also a common criticism, but the problem is severely exacerbated by Ring of Eldenis an incredible number of bosses.

Exploring The Lands Between in depth is already a massive time commitment, and doing it three times so everyone in the party can have all the loot becomes tedious. There’s an argument to be made that limiting the scope of co-op sessions is a stylistic choice, meant to represent some casual help offered by another Terni, but FromSoftware already offers the ability to use multiplayer passwords so signs summons are only visible to certain players. . Ring of EldenCo-op could be easily improved by simply adopting a more traditional version of co-op gameplay, where progress is shared and sessions aren’t interrupted by the completion of a goal.

Elden Ring’s seamless co-op mod shows what players want

The popularity of the Seamless Co-op mod shows that a significant number of Elden Ring players would prefer to have less obtuse multiplayer mechanics.

Ring of Elden has proven to be incredibly popular, and although the active player base has recently dwindled as many players complete the game (or drop out), FromSoftware’s titles generally retain a smaller, dedicated multiplayer community. Many are flocking to PvP and will engage in duels outside the door of Raya Lucaria’s Academy, but other long-term players are also climbing through many new game levels and in both solo and co-op. LukeYui’s Seamless Co-op mod will likely contribute to the continued health of the game, making it less frustrating for players to team up and see it all Ring of Eldenbest and worst endings.

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As of this writing, the Seamless Co-op mod has over 170,000 unique downloads after its first release in late May. Last 30 days on Ring of Eldenit is Steam graphics The page shows a maximum player count of 107,000. These numbers aren’t necessarily directly comparable, and Steam doesn’t make up the entire player base, but it’s interesting to see how much the active PC community has opted for improved cooperation mechanisms. Ring of Elden is FromSoftware’s most accessible game in decades, which only serves to highlight the convoluted multiplayer mechanics. They’re clearly not a major detriment to the enjoyment of many playing, but there are a large number of players who actively use an alternate system.

Will FromSoftware change its multiplayer for future games?

FromSoftware has had an uncompromising vision since Demon's Souls, and a popular mod seems unlikely to influence Hidetaka Miyazaki's post-Elden Ring design philosophies.

FromSoftware’s design plans for upcoming and unannounced games are unknown, but it’s hard to believe that the Seamless Co-op mod went unnoticed by the developer. Ring of Elden updates bring hidden changes, but the vanilla multiplayer mechanics are likely set in stone and won’t change even if a DLC expansion is released. Rumors claim FromSoftware’s next game could be a new one armored core, which could take similar mechanics to Soulslike, but seems like a stronger candidate to receive more traditional multiplayer systems. However, as president of FromSoftware, Hidetaka Miyazaki has an incredible influence on all of the studio’s projects and has become something of an author with the growing success of Soulslike games.

FromSoftware’s unique brand of multiplayer is an oddly personal creation of Miyazaki. According to a former Eurogamer interview, the idea of Demon’s Souls‘ co-op was born out of Miyazaki having his car stuck in the snow. Strangers spontaneously pushed his car back into motion before suddenly disappearing, similarly Ring of EldenThe colored ghosts of fade after winning a boss fight. Without having the opportunity to thank them, Miyazaki called the meeting “a bond of mutual aid between people passing throughIt’s an interesting anecdote, but it also gives insight into the design philosophy of Miyazaki – and by extension, FromSoftware. Ring of EldenMultiplayer mechanics can be obtuse, but they’re an important part of the game’s vision.

Many players would almost certainly welcome seamless co-op sessions by default in future FromSoftware games, but help from transient strangers has become a cornerstone of the Soulslike experience. Since FromSoftware was uncompromising in its vision for over a decade before Ring of Eldenis a huge success, there is no real sign that the studio will be turning to new multiplayer systems in the near future. It’s not out of the realm of possibility; FromSoftware could, after all, be making a game specifically designed to be played co-op. For now, however, downloading Ring of EldenThe Seamless Co-op mod should satisfy players looking for a simpler experience.

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